Processing and production of
labels and seals

The best customisations for every choice of label

You start with an idea

A combination of ideas produces a unique and personal result. Lorenplast processes each specific request to make it exclusive in the graphics and shape. Each project is followed and processed by a team of designers who transform the idea into a genuine project, offering advice on the types of materials to use, the shapes and colours, to create a label that is in keeping with the message you want to share. Therefore, a graphic draft or a sample with rapid prototyping when the product has a more complex shape is created.

lavorazioni lorenplast
lavorazioni lorenplast

Machine shop

All Lorenplast’s production is carried out at the company’s headquarters. For this reason, the company has a state-of-the-art machine shop, complete with all the machinery necessary for production. Any mould for the production of labels of any material, is made in the company, following specific customer approved projects. The machine park is equipped with lathe and grinding machines, CNC milling machines, EDM machines and to computerised pantographs.


The printed base of the label can be executed with or without lettering. Lorenplast uses various processing techniques to imprint the lettering on the label:

  • Digital printing: UV and LED printing
  • Typographic printing: since 2019 Lorenplast has been four-colour and silver/gold printing on high grammage labels (max. 350 gr.);
  • Hot foil printing: possibility to choose between hundreds of coloured hot foils, which are applied on to the cardstock with a zinc cliché, or on plastic using a rubber cliché;
  • Dry printing: the cardstock in pressed to emboss (embossing) or deboss (debossing) the desired image on the label. The logo is branded colourless;
  • Pad printing: the label is printed with a pad printing machine that uses liquid ink on a polymer cliché.

to detail

Lorenplast guarantees processing with attention to the finest details and accurate finishing, with theapplication of strings on the labels that require them. Logistics is also managed by experienced personnel who provide adequate and custom packaging for each product destined to be delivered worldwide. Bags containing from 500 to 1000 pieces are packaged to optimise shipments also for abroad.

Lorenplast processing


The production process
is constantly monitored
by qualified personnel.


For complex products
that require special
attention to detail.


Logistics is
completely carried out
by Lorenplast.


For any
type of product.

If you would like advice on your customised label, you can contact our experts here, and they will be at your complete disposal.


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