Labels, seals, security tags and fittings

Anti-removal seals

Burglar-proof security seals “Not Returnable if Removed” made of the best resistant materials and suitable as a security measure for selling products online. Lock-tag Arrow, Lock-tag Cylinder and Lock-tag Sticker security seals are customisable in shape and colour.

Plastic labels

Plastic labels and Pvc for jewellery, costume jewelry, watches, glasses, hangers and more, available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Thanks to their durability and versatility, the use of these plastic tags ranges from jewellery to clothing.

Cardstock labels and guarantees cards

Cardstock labels for jewellery made from cardboard of different weights: thin, thick, laminated with customisable colours and shapes. The cards are available as earring holders or as a simple label to be applied directly to the product.

Adhesive labels

For jewellery and bijoux, adhesive labels are the best solution due to their easy application. Resistant, refined and highly customisable. You can choose between neutral adhesive labels, customised adhesive labels and package closures.


Plastic signs, price tags, clock holders, ring holders and tie holders designed as product holders and designed to ensure a neat and tidy organisation of the retail area.

Security tags system

Security tags systems are an effective and reliable solution for securing glasses, bottles or jewellery inside shops and shops. They are easy to apply, durable and high-quality devices that do not detract from the aesthetics of the product on which they are affixed.

An all round market

The products designed and distributed by Lorenplast are made by following a process that takes care of the finest details in each processing stage: from design to logistics, the company is dedicated to providing an accessory intended for use in numerous sectors. Each label or seal is customisable according to the requests: the shapes, colours and materials to be used are studied and designed by a team specialised in creating the best design that is able to convey the essence of the product.
Lorenplast has a state-of-the-art machine park, able to ensure quality processing to meet any specific request.


The production process
is constantly monitored
by qualified personnel.


For complex products
that require special
attention to detail.


Logistics is
completely carried out
by Lorenplast.


For any
type of product.

For your customised labels and tags,
you can contact the company here.

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